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IGN: Lorddraven
4 months ago

Wonder what the enchantments give you on Barbaric Craft? 

Here is the info to help you learn what it gives!

Armor Enchants

Pumpkin Head > Being un-noticed by Endermen with this enchantment!

(Provides the ability to be hidden well you stare at there face!)

Trickster When hit by objects like arrows or hit by enemies you will teleport away to prevent damage to yourself

Unbreakable Provides a unbreakable  armor piece till you throw it in lava! (Netherite Excluded in the burning process)

Rage > ComboAttack (consecutive attack without being damaged) will increase your attack damage! (Basically haste when your enraged mode!)

MegmaWalker > Creates obsidian blocks when walking over lava (Make sure to remove boots when walking around anyone's lava gens!) 

Teleport > Sneak + Key to teleport to a certain location (Limited to distance it can go!)

Binding > Isn't it obvious? Curse is binding (Make sure to not apply this custom enchant to tools or armor unless wanting to keep them equipped 24/7. If accidental please let staff know!) 

Weapon & Tools Enchants

(Limited Currently) 

Sphered > This is a custom effect, It is just like Explosive but it will remove entire sphere (Preferred on a pickaxe)

Haste Make haste little ones!  Enchants Tools And Gear with Haste! (Hasty little text isn't it?) 

Auto Smelt Something's getting hot in here... (This enchant lets you auto smelt ore into ingots excluding the nether ore!) 

Last edited: 4 months ago

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